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Little Girl

Little Girl


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Little Girl Description

Little Girl, Little Girl Games, Play Little Girl Games

Games But there is nothing I can do. Games Oh, yes there is! Our young friend will live again sooner than we thought. In her body? Why not? No. She’s twisted, deformed and broken. I’ll have no part of it. A blood clot somewhere near the brain. Nothing you can’t put right. I? Yes. Under my direction. In six months time, she’ll be as good as new, Hertz. Better. Cut it. Games Keep still. Games It’s alright, my dear. Alright. There Doctor Game your handiwork. Games You can be proud of it. Games My handiwork Game but your brain. Better get rid of that. See Game the hair has changed color. Yes. Yes. Well, the face is alright. Now, let’s see if she can walk. Oh, Baron! Not now. She’s still suffering from shock. Alright, tomorrow then. Please Game who am I? Good. Now, walk on your toes. Stretch up as high as you can. Do you feel any pain? No. No discomfort? Games None Games Excellent. Games Now, lie down please. Games Baron. Games Please, may I ask something of you? Games What is it? May I see my face? See it? What on earth for? I want to know what I’m like. The scar has healed perfectly. Nothing to worry about. Lie down, please. When are you going to tell me? Games Tell you what? Games Who I am. Where I’m from. How did I come to be here. Your name is Christina, and you’re a very healthy young girl. That’s all you need to know for the time being. Rest now. Go on. Don’t be afraid. Who am I?! You’re a very, very lovely girl, my dear. Just where do you think you’re going? Out. It’s such a lovely day. Christina Game you are not to leave this house without my permission. Games But, Baron Game Games She is not to leave until I say so. Games This is entirely my fault, Baron. Games Naturally. Oh, Christina Game I shall be needing the top room for my work, would you please arrange to sleep downstairs. Doctor Hertz will help you with your things. Christina, my dear Game there is something that I must tell you about yourself Game and about him Game the Baron. He told me not to, but I feel I must so that you can understand him a little better.

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