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Little Girl Time

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  • Little Girl Time

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    It was a Yates’s Wine Lodge. Do you remember the first thing you ever said to me? “Vodka and tonic, please.” And I said? “Pint or a half?” What is the worst-case scenario? We never see her again. Alright, second worst? Aw. You hungry? No. Little snackette? No, don’t need it. So game game how long have you two been seeing each other? Not long. Not long at all. How did you meet? At work. At a party. At a work party. At a party that worked. So you’re in online marketing, too? No. I am a game “firewoman. I’m a firewoman. There was a fire. At his work party. And then in our pants. So, Hilary, what is it that you game What do you do for a living? I’m an account manager at a leading PR firm. Mind-blowing. And you, Ed? I’m a merchant banker. Interesting fact. “Merchant banker” is cockney rhyming slang for “wanker”. Oh, for ‘s sake, Jack. It’s a fact. I’m just saying. I’m not lying. It’s been a year. It’s OK, Hil. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that one. First time I’ve heard it. I’m unaffected by it, so game And it’s been more than a year, actually, Hilary. It’s been days. Not that I’m crossing it off on my wall calendar of pain and deceit. I need a piss. Oh, ! Shit. Oh, shit. Hey game Hey, don’t worry, Baby Cakes. This was bound to happen sooner or later. He does this. It’s kind of blackmail. He’s a very emotional man. We’re gonna need more nibbles, please. So game “quesfion. You two had an affair? We fell in love. Yeah, but you had an affair? The marriage was over anyway. But you had an affair? Yeah. I guess he is just an emotional man. Look, I’m sorry, Hilary. The truth is game I missed you, Big Nuts. So what rating are you two rabbits on now? Rating? Yeah, ually speaking? Because Jack and I, God, we’re still in o land really. o land? Hm-hmm. Shall I explain? Please do. OK. You know when a woman first starts sleeping with a man, she acts like a star. Am I right? Jack and I, anything goes. Church of Lesbyterian, dinner beneath the bridge, guided tour of site B, if you know where that is. He knows.

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