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Little Beauty with Blonde hair

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  • Little Beauty with Blonde hair

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    Little Beauty with Blonde hair Description

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    Killed a man . Do not want have problems in this country . So let’s get out of here and solve the rest of the office . You can catch some chickens , princess ? While the tire exchange . What will you do ? I’ll burn it . No you will not . Yes , I will. What did you find ? I found something? A corpse . Anything else? Nothing . Is it true? not found nothing in the bag that we could use? Do not steal the dead . Stay away . What are you doing ? I’m fixing things . What kind of things ? The type that needs to be repaired . My God. Who is ? Was stuck in the ceiling. Was shot . Is it true? I wonder why? Does it matter? It is not my business. It has been usual here . We have a toddler and injured in the shadow of the scorching sun . In the ruins . Can anyone help me ? I’ll help you . Pushes . Pushes again. Help us . Game . Get out , get out . Will drown it . Will drown it . Stops . League. Off . This does not work . Turn it off . Can not. There’s a hole in the middle . will stop after a few miles . We could melt anything to plug the holes for some time . It might work . What do you think ? Can I call ? Must solve for some time . Is it too . Four water for the engine , and the rest to us . Half a glass every two hours for those who work . The water is ours . Poured on the fire . Rescued water for all of us . I decide about it . And my son ? He eats with you . You can share the water. How do you get the wheel ? I’ll get , and then go back and let everyone who does not cooperate . I said, no photographs . Takes care of the woman. Let me knock ? Go shit. Come on, baby . Come on. Travis Game What are you doing ? This talking to me ? Listen carefully . You may not like the way I look at her? Do not worry . You are right . Where are you going ? To El Fecht . El Fecht is not far . There are miles away. There is nothing there. I’m going to El Fecht . How will walk in the middle of the desert? My bike . Your bike . Are you kidding me. No. Let’s see the bike .

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