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Let’s Exchange Time

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  • Let’s Exchange Time

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    imaginary friend in the sky. Let’s hope this little game of yours doesn’t mess with the boy’s mind. Two weeks? But what about the list? I already finished with the Jap. Really? We’re friends now. You continue with Mr. Hashimoto till I can’t see the hate in your eyes anymore. Go and visit a prisoner. You already know one. I’ll help you with the list when I get back. I promise. Befriend that rat in order to get dad back? By doing this stupid list? By befriending him, all you’re doing is betraying Dad. Hey! Where do you think you’re going, Little Boy? Come on. Jap lover! You can drop me off here. I don’t have anyone to help me with my list. Hmm. Okay. First things first game my name is not “Jap.” It’s Hashimoto. Hmm? All right, come in. Okay, come. Show me what you got. Oh. Where do we start? “Visit those in prison.” Why is this crossed out? My brother. Well game at least that schmuck was good for something. “Visit the sick.” I can help you with that one. Okay, just wait for me over here. I’m here for my monthly check-up. Who’s your friend? He’s not my friend. Thank you. Pepper. Come on. He’s “not his friend.” Hi. I was just visiting. You can keep it. Thanks, kid. “Shelter the homeless.” Is that one-eared oaf still working at the shop? Teacup? Hmm. Yeah, he sleeps there. Not quite a home, right? What about London’s vacant bed? Hey, they fit. I’ve never worn one of these before. It feels game nice. Then I guess you can keep ’em, Teacup. The next one game “Clothe the naked.” Hmm, “spider ladies.” They “knit and bite” all day. Shouldn’t you be somewhere, playing with sticks or something, with your friends? He has no friend. You put these two game I think the baby’s gonna like it. Thank you. With Hashimoto’s help, I’d finished the list in no time. And maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Things were looking up. Good afternoon, Mrs. Busbee. I took the liberty of stopping by today because I game I heard about your husband and game get your hat off. Mrs. Busbee, I want you to know if you need anything, you can count on me.

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