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Let’s Exchange

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    Games Refıka. What are you saying Games Enough Enough What are you doing Look at this mess Look at Sister Games Esra. Please calm down. Why are you behaving like this, please we can’t solve anything this way Esra. Right now, we are in the old house of Bilal Duran’s family. Awhile ago, we found some items realting to witchcraft Game amulets, speels, babies, hairsamples inside the toilet Game and also animal parts. This makes me believe some people otherthan Faruk Akat may be involved but Game I’m not sure yet. I seek refuge in you Game from the witch that has bound us with this curse. What is this? Look, poisoned liquids have been sprinkled overthe brain and heart Look this is yourname, Refıka and yourhusband’s name Bilal. Is this a spell to seperate lovers ormarried couples? Games No. Games So what is it? It is called sihri Games cenne. It’s a fetus spell. What? It is done fora fetus in a mother’s womb. Here is what it says. Yourfetus shall be cursed. Its flesh dirty Its blood poisioned. Its fate sealed. Herfathershall die the day its born. Fourteen days after herrd birthday Game Game the cruelest jinns shall eat hersoul. was the night before herwedding. Wait a minute. So was cursed in hermother’s womb. And it came into effect when she turned ? I’m not so sure about that. Why Games My daughter My daughter Games Mother Game I’m dying We need to go to the hospital now. Games No, we can’t stop at this point. Games What are you talking about? There is no progress. This is something that happened before was born. The spells we found in the toilet prove that Faruk hodja please don’t talk to me about those nasty things Look, she’s worse now. We’re almost done doctor don’t give up now Faruk hodja Game s personality disorder and we know how to cure her. Are you talking about the treatment she received fortwo years? If the diagnosis was wrong she might have not responded to the treatment. Games Doctor please let me.

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