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Let’s Be Nice

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    But you had a plan. I mean, he didn’t get away with it? We had plan. It was good plan. This is a damn bank robbery! Oh, Mr. Habberman, if you and the other shareholders would like to follow me, I have a little surprise for you. Ah! Oh, my. What was that? Tunneling for supply routes. Nothing to be concerned about. This way, gentlemen. Bring the girl. He’s coming for you. Just like Frank said. What you got makes them Reid boys so hot under the collar, anyway? Maybe I’ll have a taste and find out. The men around this table represent the finest families in our country as well as controlling interest in the Transcontinental Railway Corporation. Hear, hear! What you cannot know is that over the past six months, I have leveraged a position which will make me the majority shareholder when this company is listed Monday morning on the New York City Stock Exchange. In essence, gentlemen, you work for me. Have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea the cost? Each one of those freight cars contains . tons of purest raw silver. When it reaches the bank in San Francisco, that’s million dollars. It’s what you might call a hostile takeover. You can keep the watch. Have you checked the undercarriage? Dress Up Games Check it again. Dress Up Games Yes, sir. Pleasure to see you, Red! Oh! May I be of some assistance to you, madam? Seems I have a run in my stocking. Ivory. Hurry up with them grapes. Shh! Make trade. Hey, boy! Boy, I’m talking to you! Hey! You can’t leave that here! Mr. Cole’s pickles. Take it up with him. This Is an outrage! I, for one, am not gonna sit here and negotiate with one of my employees. Then, let’s get down to it, shall we? My gluteus! Gentlemen, our chairman has had to take a sudden leave of absence. Any nominations? I nominate Mr. . I accept. It’s magnificent. So clean. You want to touch it? Oh, yes. Attention! About face! Everyone wants to touch it. What the hell do you think you’re doing? Robbery. We don’t have no money here, boy. Train robbery. A little higher.

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