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To Look Beautiful

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  • To Look Beautiful

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    Obviously very fatigued. I understand. You come. Come, come. Come, come. Him strong brother. Want him, bring him back. ! Give me your hand! Rebecca. ! If you are going to sneak up on an Indian, best to do it downwind. Why are you talking to that horse? My grandfather spoke of a time when animals could speak. When you get them alone, some still do. But I cannot decide whether this horse is stupid, or pretending to be stupid. Tricky. Why am I covered in dirt? Because I buried you. Then why am I alive? Horse says you are Spirit Walker. A man who has been to the other side, and returned. A man who cannot be killed in battle. Horse definitely stupid. Are those my boots? He cut out his heart. What kind of a man does something like that? Not a man. An evil spirit born in the empty spaces of the desert. With a hunger that cannot be satisfied. And the power to throw nature out of balance. My people call this spirit windigo. I am Tonto of the Comanche, last of the windigo hunters. So, what do you want with me? A vision told me a great warrior and Spirit Walker would help me on my quest. I would have preferred someone else. Your brother, perhaps. He would have been good. But who am I to question the great father, hmm? All I know is a man killed my brother, and I’ll see him hang for it. Then you will need this. A bullet? Mmm. A silver bullet? Silver made him what he is. And so it will return him to the earth. Right. You know what? I would like to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. But I should get back. I, too, seek the windigo Butch Cavendish. Good. I was prisoner on the train the way a coyote stalks buffalo. After hunting years I had my prey until you interfere. Actually, I think I saved your life. So, we’re even. Ow! What the hell was that for? Bird angry. Yeah. You know what? I can’t help you. Or your bird. Where do you go? Into town, to form a posse. I would not do that, kemosabe. Yeah? There was a gun waiting for Cavendish on the train. Eight men rode into canyon. I dig seven graves.

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