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    Lets get started. My name is Ed Warren. It’s November st, . I am sitting here with Dress Up Game Peron,Jeans Wear who with her family, has been Jeans Wear experiencing supernatural occurrences. Okay, go ahead. Where do I start? From the first occurrence. It guess it was the clocks. Mom and Dad tell me that you have a friend. His name is Rory. He lives here, too. But he always sad. Why is that? He won’t tell me. But I think something bad happened to him. Do you mind if I try to see Rory? Hey! What is it? We bought it at auction from the bank. So, you know, we never knew who have lived here. Well, Dress Up Games and I both feel, that what your house needs is a cleansing. An exorcism. What? Exorcism? I thought that was something that you do to people. No, not necessarily. No. We have to get out of here. I’m afraid that’s not going to help. Dress Up Games saw something. Why don’t you just go ahead on it? I’ve been seeing the dark and its even haunt your house and your land. I saw it first when I came through your door. It was latched to your back. And then I saw it again with the girls when we walked in the living room. It doesn’t Dress Up Gamesr where you go, this dark entity has latched itself to your family. And its feeding off of you. Even if we Dress Up Game leave? It sometimes when you get haunted is like you stepping on gum. You take it with you. I have to tell you you have a lot of spirit in here. But this is the one that I most worried about because it is so hateful. OK, so what do we do? Do we call a priest? I wish it was that easy. Performing an exorcism is archaic procedure. Required years of training and Dress Up Game And even then, I have seen it go horribly wrong. But before we can get that far, the Church has to authorize it first.Jeans Wear Means we got to investigate, gather evidence and provide proof. And that’s the hard part. Have your children been baptized? No, we never get around to that. We’re not really Churchy family. Well, you might want to rethink that.Jeans Wear Our presence here could make things worst.

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