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Jeans Wear Time

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    Take my hand! Capsule exhaust activated. There are two capsules. A. Marty? Sorry, man obviously went crazy. Marty, no! Henry. It’s yours, come in. Estelle! Come in, come in! Capsule exhaust activated. Altitude. Altitude. The parachute! The parachute! Open the parachute! It’s going too fast! It’s going too fast! Sotente, Henry! Oh God. Mercenaries Akan. Me down. Me down. Henry. You underestimate, okay? Let them come and attack them. Akan, is also weak a piece of shit. Attacks! No, Henry! Defend yourself! Come on! The groom is not a killing machine Games Henry! – Games What did you expect? But you you built a good sack of boxing. Stop! Stop! What? Stop! Estelle Games Are not you curious what this motherer, You going to do this motherer? Henry! You’re like a ing scared rabbit. true? Okay, I’m not going to hurt. Voice module you have installed? Shit. Well, at least we know you’re not deaf. Right, you can now put your hands down. I have waited for this moment three years and I get the damn Charlie Chaplin. Shit! Come on! Well, let’s take a look. Open the glove please. Get that device. You must untangle the cables. Is a wedding ring? Are you Games? You are married? How you doing with that? Yes, what a surprise. Good. Now I need you Games Take off your shirt, please. Open there. Yes, those. Connect the cables there. Yes, there. So your name is Henry and Games Well, the good news is that you to live for a while. Bad news is that in this case, A while means , minutes max. Henry. Unless you have very, very lucky . And you have it. Uncle Jimmy will take you to his lab. Resists. Shit. We are following. Disconnect. Hides that. There are no clothes. Ponte sweatshirt. No time, . Only cover your blood with the bag. Be quiet and let me handle this, okay? Perhaps we can proceed directly to the fine ? So Games Shit. Cursed Akan, bribing Games Do you know what is wrong with Mother Russia? Too hot. Too hot. Too hot. Whatever. I used to be in charge of all this. And now Games I’ll have to hurt Henry, but it’s for your own good, pal.

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