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Japanese Beauty

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  • Japanese Beauty

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    Japanese Beauty Description

    Games Yeah, he was mean. Games Oh! How long? That was super long. That was super duper long! Jim! Jim! What? You’re not even watching Elliot. Come on, Em. Games Are you crying? Games No. Ten minutes, then out. Yeah, if you still wanna go to Epcot and see the fireworks. We gotta change and get ready. Why’d you put sunscreen on her, then? This is Florida, Jim. Ten minutes. What are you doin’? I’m fine. What are you doin’? I was just playin’. What’s going on? Hey, leave me alone! I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m alive. I’m fine. Just kiddin’ around. Geez. I don’t wanna take a bath! Sara, you come back here! We’ve got to wash you up! Wash the chlorine off you. C’mon, we’re gonna take a bath and clean you up. Oh shit. Games Perfect. Games Splash! Let’s get you clean sweet pea! Splash splash! There you go. You are so clean now. This bathroom is gonna be a mess! Dry! Oh wait, there’s another spot right here. Ah! Fuck! Ow, shit. Let’s go find Daddy. Let’s go see what he’s doing. Okay? Does that sound good? Oh look! Games Daddy! Games Hey! Did you find it? Games What? Games The Geosporic! The GeosporDress Up Game Yeah, yeah. It’s right over there I think. Hold on. Wow. It’s a giant testicle. I don’t like Epcot. Games I wanna go on Buzz Lightyear. Games Elliot, lookDress Up Game Games If you mention Buzz Lightyear one more timeDress Up Game Games Jim! Your father’s not feeling well. Hey, you don’t tell him that. Well, how about a little consideration? Games I want a balloon. Games She wants a balloon. Maybe later, sweetie. Okay, fine. Why don’t we all just go back to the hotel

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