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Japanese Beauty Time

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  • Japanese Beauty Time

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    fly to? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. Just take ’em one at a time. All right. What does it mean when one pilot says to another pilot, “What kind of equipment are you on?” They just want to know what kind of aircraft you’re flying, Is it a DC-, , Constellation? And what about those I.D. badges that I’ve seen pilots wear? Well, every pilot has to have two things with him at all times, One is his airline personnel badge game looks just like this one here, from Pan Am game the other one is their FAA license game and that looks just like this. Oh. Sir, do you think I can make a copy of this to put into my article? Oh, Frank, you can have that one. It’s three years expired. Aw, thanks! And what about your I.D. badge? You have an extra one I could borrow? Oh, no, I can’t help you there. Those are special-ordered from Polaroid. The only way to get one of those is to become a real live pilot for Pan American Airways. DIALING PHONE CAR HORNS HONKING, WHISTLE BLOWING WOMAN: OVER PHONE Pan Am, may I help you? FRANK: SOUTHERN ACCENT Yeah, hello. I’m calling about a uniform. Hold for Purchasing. Thank you. WOMAN : Purchasing. SOUTHERN ACCENT Hi. I’m a copilot based out of San Francisco. I flew a flight into New York last night but the problem is I’m headed out to, uh, Paris in three hours. How can we help you? I sent my uniform to be cleaned through the hotel and I game I guess they must have lost it. WOMAN : They lost a uniform. Happens all the time. Go down to the Well-Built Uniform Company at Ninth and Broadway. They’re our uniform supplier. I’ll tell Mr. Rosen you’re coming. ROSEN: You look too young to be a pilot. I’m a copilot. Why so nervous? How would you feel if you, uh lost your uniform first week on the job? Relax. Pan Am’s got lots of uniforms. It’s gonna be $. Great. I’ll, uh, I’ll write you a check. Sorry, no checks, no cash. You’ll have to fill in your employee I.D. number and then I’ll bill Pan Am. They’ll take it out of your next paycheck. Even better. FRANK: Dear Dad, You always told me that

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