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Jane Valentine’s Day Slacking 2

Jane Valentine’s Day Slacking 2


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Jane Valentine’s Day Slacking 2 Description

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Jane Valentine’s Day Slacking 2 and no one suspected the truth. But Daddy did. So Daddy started digging. My father was trying to stop him. But you just kept on lying. I did it to protect you. Oh, Annie, you just wait until you have children of your own. You’ll understand. I’ll never lie to my child. Your father was tryin’ to destroy everything we had by linkin’ our name with that monster. So you destroyed it instead, by denying the truth. I am not a part of him! We’re his family! No! We’re his blood! I will not have you talk like that. You can’t wash him away with a bottle! There is no . He does not exist. My child. You doubted me game your own flesh and blood. Death is a return, you know. Annie game Annie, it’s almost time. Time for our journey. Soon we’ll be together, just the way I planned. You cannot resist what is in your blood. Our blood. Your baby’s blood. You can’t fight what is meant to be. The choice will be yours, Annie. I’m so sorry. No! Miss Tarrant! Go on! Quick! Go around the back there. Annie, I’m not gonna hurt you. Ethan’s dead. I’m sorry. He was shot trying to escape. Detective Levesque’s body was found game mutilated. The guards assumed game I watched the video tape of what happened in that room. Ray’s body was torn apart by somethin’ powerful, and it wasn’t your brother. You better hurry before they get here. minutes to go, New Orleans. minutes till judgment. So get drunk, get fatter, and get gameed. Yeah, you’re right. I said it. Y’all can trust the Kingfish. The heavens have just opened up on us and the banks of the Mississippi are about to burst. I don’t think they’re gonna hold it back any more. They’re as full as the Kingfish’s belly. Yeah, Mardi Gras. Where is it? Where is it? God damn you! The slave quarters. Matthew! Oh, my God! Are you all right? I was so worried about you. You should go home. I knew when you called him, he’d come. Like before. You were hiding here. He’s in my dreams, Annie. I know. I had to see game I wanted to see him for real. Matthew, I need to find the mirror. It must be down there. Be careful. Annie!

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