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Jana Make-up

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    .You mustn’t waste this stuff there’s a war on. Is there? I had no idea. Better make sure the Germans don’t get hold of it. Too slow. There we go. How on earth did you get hold of this? Well, I had a bit of luck at cards with some of the brass hats billeted at the chateau. As it turned out, magnificent cellar. To the hand jigger. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest venue in our grand tour of Flanders. The Neuve Eglise Hippodrome, where our doors are always open. Tonight, we are honoured to present a show to die for. The grand new revue, Over The Top. Positively the greatest spectacular performance ever staged Jana Make-up. And topping the bill, it’s musical merriment from our very own sapper songbirds Jana Make-up, Trench And Foot, with their delightful ditty, Minor Worries.  If the Hun lets off some gas never mind  If the Hun attacks in mass never mind  If your dugout’s blown to bits  Or the CO’s throwing fits  Or a crump your rum jar hits never mind  dress up game, never mind  If your trench is mud kneehigh never mind  You can’t find a spot that’s high never mind  dress up game, never mind  If a sniper has you set through dents in your parapet  And your troubles fiercer get never mind  dress up game, never mind  If machine guns join the muddle never mind  Though you’re lying in a puddle never mind  dress up game Jana Make-up, never mind  If the duck board barks your shin  And the barbed wire rips your skin  ‘Tis reward for all your sin never mind  dress up game, never mind.  Gas! Gas! Gas! Looks good, Jack. Harris and his devils have done a fine job. It’s nothing to worry about Jana Make-up.

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