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Jana Make-up Tİme

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  • Jana Make-up Tİme

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    Jana Make-up Tİme Description

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    I istened, in dreams sub ime A woman is a door to the unknown ha s A woman is ike the triumph of nak so es Do you remember the song, the tone of that foo ish caro Radio ” I cou dn’t rhyme that one. “One day, a as! You’ go off, A ice, with ewis Carro.” Thanks. Can I count on your he p? Sure, if you he p me too. But not a word to the po ice. He sti works at Radio ? No, they sack him. Okay- When he comes to, te him I vanished. Is it rea y you I’ find dead? O Richard. Q my king. In what second-rate tragedy have you once again cast me in the fina ro e? ucki y I was now a brunette, and Dr. Korvo didn’t recognize the b ond student from Agadir. Madam Ne son, I have to ta k to you! You ook unhappy. No uck? Wasn’t that funny? He o, Thomas. He o, sir. Don’t ca me sir. Ca me Bartender or Pau. It’s easier. I’m not much o der than you. Excuse me. Another shot of scotch. Coming right up, Miss Ne son. Don’t ca me sir. Ca me Bartender or Pau. It’s easier. I’m not much o der than you. You are. How o d are you? I’m. You’ be twice that in years. In years I’ be. Not so, sir sorry Bartender or Pau. In years she’ be. You’re good at menta math, but she beats you in French. I’ catch up. I’m on y two years o der. I didn’t know you were. and don’t make. They do, except during the war. ‘ and ‘ add up to ‘. Mind doing some arithmetic for me? A right, fe a. Cou d you inventory the objects in my bar? What’s a bar? Bartender! Coming! A bar Radio is a p ace Radio I mean, a room. I mean, it’s severa persons who meet under a bartender’s eye. And it’s a so a room where iquids are served. I mean, it’s both peop e meeting under a bartender’s eye, and it’s a so a room A bar can’t be two things at once. Can the young ady be both a woman and a crocodi e? You ask tough questions. I have to think about it. ist the objects in the bar. I see a g ass, bott es, a rose, windows on my right, a door that’s both in front of me and behind you. You see, a thing can be in two p aces at once. Keep going. A bartender. Where’s the bartender? In front of me. It’s you.

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