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it’s time to rest Adventure

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  • it’s time to rest Adventure

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    I’ll set it up. Be at the studio an hour early. I’ll have a check ready, and I’ll even host the awards show. Quite an honor. Okay. Pick up. Yup? K-dik just called, and they’re gonna pay us $, to broadcast the winning selfie Saturday. Mother lode. It’s a drop in the bucket. It’ll at least buy us tickets to Guatemala. Maybe a condo? Bone, people are fleeing Guatemala. Delicious. It’s not so hard. I… It’s me, Zoey. The FBI Zoey? Yes. How you been? I’ve been better, I suppose. Hmm. Things aren’t going so well, are they? With the contest? How did you know? I have access to a lot of information. In fact, the FBI has access to everything. Well, everybody knows that. I was just trying to be nice. We’re screwed. You’re broke. Yep. I got you covered. How? I have discovered something I’d like to share with you and bone. It’s a game-changer. Can you come by? You don’t have the million, do you? Not really. Not at all. What else? Credit card problems. How much? Uh… Never mind. $,.. Ballpark. Exactly. Just north of ,. I said exactly. Don’t mess with me. I know the color of your underwear. The FBI know everything. Suppose I could solve all of your problems and mine in just a few minutes? I would say thank you very much. Moorhead is a bad actor. For the past several years, he’s been transferring campaign donations to a personal offshore account… Just over $. million. Whoa. Is that legal? Of course it is. He’s a congressman. It’s not. Now, suppose I can transfer . million into your account in, let’s say, the next, mm, two minutes? Uh, I would say thank you very much. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Is that legal? Kind of, and kind of not. Could we just do the kind of part? Interested, gentlemen? It’ll save all of us. Well, he’s gonna miss it, and then he’ll report us. It’s illegal cash. If he reports it, he’ll be turning himself into the FBI. Interested? Let me explain how this works. Ladies and gentlemen across the United States and around the world, welcome to the “selfie shootout” one million dollar award ceremony.

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