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it’s time to rest

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  • it’s time to rest

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    it’s time to rest Description

    it’s time to rest, it’s time to rest Games, Play it’s time to rest Games

    it’s time to rest But I’m allergic to cats. Then they will give you injections. You don’t like injections. I can stand them. I can’t. I’m afraid of them. I have a sister ten years old. She has left and isn’t coming back. She says I’m a thankless bad boy. I can’t be ordered around without explaining what for, or something clicks inside my head and I may go away or even get lost. Analytical mind! Are these your mom’s words? My mother died. My sister’s name is Alyona. I’m Nikita. Nikita Game And your father? He left and disappeared. Long ago. I can read in English. Slowly. That’s the only way to read. I even read in Russian slowly. Look, Nikita, I’ll ask one woman to take care of you and send her for you, understand? Understand? Let’s go. Watch over that boy. Yes? Watch over that boy. All right. What are you doing here? Standing Game You better go over there, farther away from the lockers. So nobody will think bad about you. Are these marinated or pickled cucumbers? Are these marinated or pickled cucumbers? May we let this young lady go ahead of us? But of course. A good harvest of cucumbers. I hear you. Are these marinated or pickled cucumbers? It’s on the label. Marinated. I can’t see very well. Then I’m not buying them. Guard, call the floorwalker and a cleaning lady to Cash Desk . Let’s go sort it out Game Hi, baby, straight to the cash desk. And I tell her Game We made it! I have something to drink, too. Canned delicacies Game Great cheese. Becherovka. Yes, and the main thing, I have gin. I don’t know much about it Game This is Becher’s liqueur, you dummy. Why is it so hot here, ladies? Take your hands off me, you bitch! Who do you think you are? Why are you pushing me? You were cheating in there! Give us something! Chips to the kids! I was going to be naked under my fur coat and stick the jewelry up my vagina Game but I was scared of the cold! Hey, you said you were a virgin! Let me pass, let me pass. Goodbye everybody! Let’s go. Bye! Bye! Bye, dear! Who the hell is she? Oh God Game Hello there! Where’s your boss? Ohaha! How was it?

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