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İn the spring wedding

İn the spring wedding


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Miss Martin. Hi. It’s very nice to meet you. Welcome. Thank you. Would you like some tea? Yes, love it. Hold on one second. I gotta access our BP. She’s all yours, George. There it is. Whoa. Is that Games ? Is that an angiography? George, Edith, this is my boyfriend Travis. What up? He’s premed. George is a cardiac surgeon and he’s trying to save Larry’s life online. Is that Larry’s heart? What’s left of it. Yeah, call that in, dude. Yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna have to get Larry in surgery immediately. Yeah, call Rob, tell him to scrub in. And tell Larry I’m sorry I’m not there for him. I’ll be checking in and I’ll see him in the morning. Okay, thanks. I’ve got a patient who’s so afraid to die that he can’t live. I’ve got a son that most of the time probably wishes I were dead. And I’m living a day that’s making me realize I have been dead. Damn, George. That’s a tad dark Yeah. You need to take the edge off. Actually, I could use a drink. You’re out of luck on that. We’re only , so Games but we Games yeah? The white dragon. Yeah. Whew. It’s epic. I’ve never Games Here. Oh, thank you. You’re welcome. Well Games I read “The Philosophy of Language” in ninth grade and it changed my life. Really? Absolutely. It’s so simple, yet so passionate. And from the first paragraph, I knew that I was in the hands of a genius. And I felt so privileged to be able to share so intimately in his mind and his soul. Well, what can I say? “The most important element in all forms of communication is understanding the language of what isn’t being said. ” Good afternoon, Dr. Emerson. Tea? Oh, yes. I can’t imagine you’re a student. A student of life, my friend. That was the Oath from Charlottesville, Virginia. And if you ask me, they have all the pieces to become a really mediocre band. Less bullying and more music, boys. Okay, Boneyard Sims on a lazy Friday afternoon. Don’t you matriculators have some homework to do? Where were we? Lesson number four. Oh, yes, lesson number four: know your audience.

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