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İn the spring wedding Time

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  • İn the spring wedding Time

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    We just need to re-establish communications with Collins. Give me that phone! The number you’ve reached is not in service. This is a recording. We’ll try him from the cockpit. What’re you doing? Calling someone other than your buddy. That phone is a dedicated line. It will only contact Collins. I wish I was surprised! Shit, man! Give me some room! Someone do something! Emily, what about CPR? CPR’s not going to help him. God, not the pilot! Come on. Come on! Come on, dammit, breathe! Cole? I can’t land this plane. Why isn’t Collins answering us? I don’t know. Yes, you do! Yes, you do! No, I don’t game You’ve known everything this whole time! Why isn’t he answering us? You think I want us to fly into DC airspace as an unknown aircraft? I want to land as badly as you do! What do you mean “unknown aircraft”? This is a classified program. Only a handful of people know about it. When the military IDs us, they’re going to have F-‘s on our tail in minutes. Why would they think we’re hostile? Yeah, why would they assume that? Angola. Yes, Angola. You mean that airplane you were talking about earlier? This really is that airplane? This is that stolen airplane? Tail number N— double-A withdrawn from service in Angola. Retrofitted for the Chariot Program. So it could never be tracked from inventory. Everyone thinks it was stolen. Including Homeland Defense. Who’s going to go apeshit when it shows up in the sky over DC. You think? This project really sucks, you know that? If we could re-establish contact with Collins game Aden, give me my phone. Not a chance. What are you doing? What I do. Hack it. Pulling up Collins’ IP address. How can you do that? Because I’m good. That’s how. Where is he? I don’t know. Collins? Collins, are you there? Get the monitor. Genevieve? Yes, it’s me. Listen to me carefully. Our co-pilot and our pilot are dead, and we need to talk to the ground. How in the hell did you game It doesn’t matter. Can you get us in touch with the tower? Are you listening to me? It’s not possible, Ginny. The albeit com

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