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In the Forest Spring

In the Forest Spring


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In the Forest Spring Description

In the Forest Spring, In the Forest Spring Games, Play In the Forest Spring Games

soon, and I’m talking now, people are gonna start dying down here. Minutes, alright, that’s what we’ve got. You have to sort it out! C Game cas evac. How long? Just gonna catch forty winks, lads. Stu. While Cathy gets her nails done. No Kraut’s getting this deck chair off me. Stu, don’t go to sleep, man. Unless they want a set to Game Stu, you’re talking shit, pal. I’m up, I’m up. Sorry, man. . I’m back in the room, lads. I’m back in the room. . Hey, lads. I’d kill anybody right now for a cold tin of brew, so is. That’s it, mate. Cheerful thoughts. Mark, you’re getting married, so I hear. Aye. November. Just as well lads, think my wanking days are over. Might need to get my suit re-measured though. Think she can recognise me? Course she will. Mark? Aye? You gonna, you gonna have a big piss-up afters? You bet you. Er, Minto Hotel. Bells and whistles. Yeah? If we get out of this, you, you lads are all coming, yeah. Cash bar? you. cash bar. arse. Free bar, , free bar. hell. That’s diamond. I’m gonna go all out. Aye? I Game I haven’t been legless since February. You don’t need to worry about that anymore, do you, Barlow? I’m gonna be legless every night, now. Ken Barlow. Hey, lads. I just realised, we don’t need to worry about the third mine anymore. Good old Ken’s found it for us. Cheers Ken! Always getting dicked, mate. The really funny thing is boys Game Game they didn’t get planted here, they all just washed off the hill and down to the river beds. There could be hundreds of them Game All around here. All around us. Great place for a bimble, lads. Quick snipe, then it’s tea and medals. Cas evac, ten minutes. Um Game what’s his name Game , um, Jeffery Dahmer? No. Two more. Jack the Ripper. No. Last guess, make it a good one. Come on, give me, give me some more Game What did you say? ‘Rules is rules, ‘ Stu. I just had my leg blown off, mate. Is that how it’s gonna be now? ‘My poor leg. Oi, lend us a quid, Smudge.’ Alright, off. Hannibal Lector? Nah. Let’s call it quits. Harold Shipman. Harold who? Harold Shipman,

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