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In the Forest 2015

In the Forest 2015


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In the Forest 2015 Description

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In the Forest 2015 Come on. Are you here for the audition? Not me. My Brother. Bend down correctly. I’m singing “Satisfaction”. Hot. Hold still. Leave it. You’re done. Cool. Thank You. My pleasure. Are you from Thessaloniki? From Crete. Really? And how did you get here? It’s a long story. And you? I came from Serres yesterday. Without brother. Stefanos. Dany. Hello. What was that nonsense earlier on the phone? Is none of your business. I don’t mind anyway. I have certainly missed my appearance. Go. Where to? Come on! W a i t. They let me occur in between. Will you wait for me? I do not know. I have to do something. Jean Paul Gaultier? I’m going tonight to “Alexandra”. You’ll like it. It is down here on the beach. Are you coming? Promised? Okay. Good Luck! They say “Break a leg”. Break a leg! What number? ! Are you excited? Not really. Tassos told me to wear this, not to look cheap. Do I look cheap? No. And? Do you like it? Soso. You’re right. Forget it. You’re very pretty. Yes sure. Look at me. Really. Will you go like that? Yes. You don’t like it? Sure. You look like a good boy. I am a good boy. I’m sure you get on. But you also. I honestly don’t care. I want to leave from here. Way? Where to? Back to Ukraine? No, I can’t return. To Europe. In Germany it should be good. With my papers, it is difficult to go there. For me too. Want to Albania? Yes. More out of curiosity. I would be there anyway even stranger. We are everywhere strange, isn’t it? But at home everywhere. Who’s there? Courier service. Delivery for Ms Christopoulos. From the press office of “Fame”. Thank you. What do you want? I’ll call the police. Do not be afraid. I wanted to know you. I actually want to your man. What for? To get to know him. Your husband, Lefteris Christopoulos, is my father. My biological father. I had to do in the city and thought, I look over. Mom, can we play downstairs with Playmobil? Hello, my name is Dany. What’s her name? Go and watch a DVD. Why? Just because. Right away. Really cool hut. Where are you going? Where are you going? Wait. W a i t!

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