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In Summer Fashion Adventure

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  • In Summer Fashion Adventure

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    to play juveniles and the trouble with Mr Davenport-Scott. What news of Mr Davenport-Scott? The police have opposed bail. What? Well, he’d had his second warning. How then do we dispose our forces? Mr Thornton is standing by to play Fool. And who as Oswald? Mr Brown, I’m afraid. That leaves me a knight short for reason not the need. short, actually, if you take the text as gospel. One more or less won’t seem too upsetting. Herr Hitler has made it very difficult for Shakespearean companies. It’ll be a chapter in the book, Sir. I hate to mention it but we’re going to be short for the storm. We’ve no-one to operate the wind machine, not if Mr Thornton is to play Fool. Mr Thornton was ever so good on the wind machine. Madge knows the problem but she’s very unsympathetic. You tell Madge from me I must have the storm at full strength. What about Oxenby? Not the most amenable of gentlemen. Send him to me at the half. I’ll have a word with him. Better talk to Thornton, too. There you are, you see? That’s more like it. You’re where you belong, doing what you know best, and you’re yourself again. Right, well, you start doing your make-up and I’ll go and tell them to come and see you. I’ve cleaned the wig and beard. Shan’t be a minute. Oh, no, Sir! Not Othello! The lines are fouled. Up on your short, down on your long. Is there a dead for it? Instruct the puppeteer to renew the strings. The stuffing is escaping at the seams, straw from a scarecrow lies scattered down, stage left. I would have given anything to see the play tonight. There’s you all blacked up and Cordelia saying, You beget me, bred me, loved me. Well, the time has come, if you don’t mind my saying so, to stop waxing poetical and to wax a bit more practical. KNOCKI NG Who? Irene. I’ve come for the triple crown. Enter. Good evening, Sir. All well? Yes, thank you, Sir. You’ve come for the triple crown. Yes, Sir. Polish it well. I like it gleaming. Yes, Sir. And return it to me well before curtain up. I like to wear it by the quarter. Yes, Sir. And when I have used it on stage,

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