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Important and beautiful girl

Important and beautiful girl


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Important and beautiful girl Description

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.  I went to a disco he was in the pub earlier on and  afterwards we went to a disco and Tony was standing there and just from there  that was it! Couldn’t get  rid of him! A bee round  honey, y’know? and why did you  fall in love with him? Don’t know I don’t know how you  put up with me for so long I don’t know, sometimes  I don’t know how I stand him But what is it that  you love about him? I like his  personality it doesn’t matter who it is  he don’t change for nobody There’s only one ambition  really, I want a baby son if I see my baby son that’ll  be my ambition fulfilled no one knows that  only you now! We’ve got  two children Nicky’s six  and a half Jodie’s two and a  half nearly three and I’m having  another one in March Who looks after them or  do you share it out? Me basically, yeah! he does take them  out quite a lot but telling offs and  smacks is all left to me he don’t like  smacking them he don’t like  telling them off unless it’s really really  serious then he would  Dress Up Games  Give me a little bit Tony Dress Up Games  There you are, see that baby one So what advantages do you think you’ve had  over some of the people that we’ve filmed Well academically probably they’ve  had more advantages over me owing to the fact they’ve had  prep Dress Up Games schools at a very early age they’ve benefited by it  which tells obviously in this film but as far as the stability and  backgrounds with their parents they’ve missed  out on that Tony I don’t like  them being close have a piece of bread  each, here Jodie being in the prep Dress Up Games school they’re missing  the love and care every Eastender gets that gives their children each  time they come home from work and the parents sometimes not going to  be there ’cause they’re away at prep Dress Up Games school they’re missing the love and  affection they’re craving for when my kids are growing up I want  to see the change in them all the time so I have my own memories of when  they were a kid and what they were like would everybody please sit  round now,

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