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İmpatient Girl Adventure

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  • İmpatient Girl Adventure

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    a dozen bodies, and each time it’s the same story, young or old, they’re never diseased. There are never any signs of violence on the bodies. What are you driving at? I think we’re being supplied with the victims of murder. That’s a very dangerous thing to say, Mr. Murray. We are anatomists, not policemen. We’re scientists, not moralists. I need bodies. They brought bodies. I pay for what I need. I do not hire murderers. Here, I’ll give you some of this, eh? I’ll take this and this. Hey, hey. Hey! Where do you two think you’re going? You haven’t paid for your drinks. Oh, you’ll be paid before we meet again. And when’s that to be? When we get more, you’ll get more. I’ll believe it when I see it. Here, give that to your wife. Can you believe that man? The money we put into his hand, he tries to stop our credit. What? What’ve you got there? Oh, God, Broom. That’s why I love ya. For the last time, I don’t know no Flynn. It’s Timothy Boylan Flynn from County Donegal. It’s my brother. He Radios he come over here two years ago. He followed the tinker’s trade. I don’t know a Flynn. I’ve never known a Flynn, and I don’t wanted to. But he’s a tall, dark boy, and the lobes of his ears is pointed. I never clocked eyes on such a fella. Here, a parting gift from himself. Timothy Boylan Flynn. Did you say the name Flynn? It is, yes. That’s me mother’s name. Oh, what from Radios from Ardara, Donegal? Ah, that’s me mother’s home town. Oh, no. Would your name be Flynn as well? Oh, it would. It would, indeed, yes. I’m looking for me brother. He’s a tinker by trade. He’s all I have in the world. You’ve nobody? No, me only kith and kin. Well, not any more, eh, not any more. You must be me cousin. No. Me little cousin Flynn from Donegal. Broom, did you hear that? Eh, Flynn from Donegal, all alone in the world. Is that a fact? It’s my brother I’m looking for. Well, we’ll help you find him, eh, eh? We’ll pull the whole town to do it. But, wait, we’ll have a drink, eh? Come on, now. Have a drink of that, eh? Eh, me newfound cousin Radios

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