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I’m learning Yoga 4

I’m learning Yoga 4


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I’m learning Yoga 4 Description

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I’m learning Yoga 4 I’m going to bed! Juliette called me. Timur said Miguel will vote for you. That’s six now. Only three to go. We’ll see them tomorrow. I feel so alone, Manu. We’ll make it. I saw you from the window. I was decorating. With the music, I didn’t hear the bell. Hello. Come on in. That’s kind but I have work to do. Well, work I’m here because Yes, I know why you’re here. The new ballot on Monday. JeanMarc called you? No, Nadine did. She told you she wouldn’t see me? Yes. She told me she needs the , euros. She could have told me herself. How many are willing to lose the bonus? Six. I have another fourto see. Five with you. I spoke to my husband. We have a lot of expenses on the house. We need the bonus to do a patio out back. The mud washes down, so we need a wall too. I’m sorry. Don’t apologise. It’s not because of this. I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow morning. I’ll be going. Wait, Sandra! It bothers me saying no. I don’t want pity. I don’t pity you but I’ve been thinking about it since Friday. We need the money but I’ll talk to my husband again. He’s out on his bike until noon. Come back or I’ll call you at . I’ll get my phone to note your number. Let me note that. With W’s? We’re going to Julien’s. I don’t know. She’ll talk to her husband. She’ll say yes. He says she’ll say yes. I don’t know. We’ll see. Thanks. Enough. Why turn it off? Want it back on? Yes, stop protecting me. I’m not protecting you. You are. You thought the song was too depressing for me. Well, it’s not exactly Are you a Jehovah’s Witness? No. Sony, they usually come about now. Hello, I’m Sandra. I work with Julien at Solwal. Could I have a word with him? He’s not here. He’s at the cafe opposite the church. Thank you. Goodbye. He’s in the caf? but it’s packed. We’ll wait till he comes out. No, I’ll see him Monday. It’s :. Let’s get some food and eat here while we wait. You’re hungry? Yes. Want a turnover’? No. A mini pizza? There he is. Go on. Go on. I’ll get you a mini pizza. Julien! Hi My son, Ryan. Hello. I wanted to see you because Juliette and I saw Dumont on Friday.

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