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I Like Cooking

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    It’s just Dress Up Games I Like Cooking Dress Up Games screams Oh, God! Geez! Screaming Microwave beeps Dan, I’m calling the psychic! Ah! Make the call! Doorbell rings Blaine Fulda, professional psychic. Hi, I’m Dress Up Games . Indeed you are. Yes. And this is my husband Dan. Your payment as requested. Dress Up Games in unmarked bills. Sniffs And of course, you know Maria. Hola, Mr. Blaine. Hi, Maria. How’s your sister? Dead. Demon kill her. Well, that explains the unreturned phone calls. I’m sensing evil. I’m gonna have to get some of your personal belongings here, just so I can check for demon and ghost residue. I’m not gonna be able to lift all those monitors, but I’ll send my cousin tomorrow with the white van. He can get them in there. Dan was attacked by the kitchen last night. We think it might be Dress Up Games I Like Cooking Kitchen attack? You could’ve said that earlier. If a room turns on you, it’s either a ghost or a demon. Can a demon take over someone? Like, live within them? Damn, that’s some scary shit. So a demon is about the worst thing you can have? No, ma’am, an STD is the worst thing that you can have. Who do you know who wants to hurt you? Do you have a jealous colleague at work? A Facebook friend you might have ignored? Maybe you adopted a small African child named lkatababwe, promising to feed this nigga for cents a day. But then he needs something to drink! Anyway, let’s begin. OK. This is the evil communicator. When I put this on, I’ll be able to cross over to the other side and confront the entity. That will immediately trigger the final Dress Up Games payment of child support to Tisha Fulda. And if you guys would just join hands,I Like Cooking close eyes and concentrate. Empty your mind of all the thoughts of today’s troubles. Everything that went on, get that out of your mind. This is all about the spirit world here. And three, two and one. Moaning What’s happening? Things are starting to move all by itself! Dress Up Games I Like Cooking

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