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Hot summer day

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  • Hot summer day

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    I’ve managed Game to determine that the man had drowned in clear water before he was thrown Game into the Thames last night. My examinaton of the water leaves Game no further doubt in my mind. So this was not an accident, but murder! Cora? Cora! Well, aren’t you Mr Parker’s secretary? You already checking upon Cora Watson? I don’t think we’ve met, Sir. That makes no difference. I’m sure I know you! And your criminal record! years for forgingdocuments, Mr Edgar Bird. I’m out on parole. You know that. You do know meafter all. What are you doing here? I have nothingto do with this case. With what case? Cora. Bad news for you. Your parolestatus may very well beaffected. But you don’t really believe that I Game We’ll seeabout that soon enough! See that you keep in touch with me. Does that Game Does that mean I can go now? Yes. That’s just what it does mean. Mr Parker? This is Perkins speaking. That caseof blackmail you mentioned is settled. Cora Watson is dead. Fabulous! My compliments, Miss McPherson. You did a terrific job here. I couldn’t havedone better myself! After your instructions it was Game child’s play. You know what our next lead is? We’re goingto havesome lunch. You’ve earned it! But Jim, the Inspector wanted to see me. How can you mention the Inspector Game at a time like this? I know a lovely little place. And hours from now, when we get back, we’ll tell the Inspector Game Well? What will you tell him? Well? Police Special Agent Miss Susan McPherson is here now. Strangeas it may seem, I can see her. Yes. Here’s my report, Inspector. By the way, an amazing bit of work, Sir. You couldn’t havedone it better yourself? Quite right! Did you say something? No. Me, Sir? It’s an extremely good job you’vedone. I wish I’d found out some moreabout the girls who weren’t in the home today. You mean Jackie Bloom, Mandy Tricket, Dorothy Smith and Gloria Warren? Yes. I’m certain oneof them could be of use to us. One inmate told me Game Dorothy Smith might havesome information. But I didn’t have enough time. I couldn’t go into much detail.

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