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Hot summer day Time

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  • Hot summer day Time

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    What does she do? She’s a nurse’s aide. In a hospital? No, in people’s homes. Old people. She takes care of her sister too. What happened? She’s being nosy. It’s normal. She’s worried, she’s your mother. Only when she feels like it. Besides, I told her I was doing fine. I’ve never been so happy since I’ve been in jail. I can’t even be happy. It’s nuts. Do you think it’s wrong? What? Stop it, what are you doing? I want a memento. Why a memento? For when you’re not there. Stop it. You’re beautiful. Can I show you something too? Go ahead. Oh yeah, baby. You idiot. Look. I have one too. What’s that? We share it. We each have our own SIM. Relax. Don’t you want the number? It’s not funny. I’ll give it to you. It’s your call. This is absurd. There. You thought only you had one? What are you doing? Leaving. For a while too. It’s school vacation. I have a family, remember? We’re going to the same place as last year. You’ll play with Mathilde. You can take ski lessons together. Answer me! Mathilde says she’s faster than me.

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