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Homemade Beauty Time 4

Homemade Beauty Time 4


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Homemade Beauty Time 4 Description

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Homemade Beauty Time 4 That’s ok, we can manage ourselves. This is for aunt. No, thanks. Just leave it. Has anything happened? No. It’s just that game Mum has been a nervous wreck lately. She hates to have me here, right? There are some things you can do nothing about. I understand. I’m going to miss you. Very, very much. I’ll send you a postcard. Even though I will be back before it arrives. I love you. I love you too. So we’ll meet at the reception, the training starts at , ok? My dearest Annie, my parents decided to immigrate to Austria. Don’t be angry with me, I wasn’t allowed to tell you. I love you so much. Anna, are you there? I am. Hurry up, we’re waiting for you. I can’t go now. I feel too bad. What’s wrong? Should I call the doctor? No. I want to be alone. Mind your manners. Open up now! Coach, please, I’ll be fine tomorrow but leave me alone now. The race is tomorrow. Come on, you have to do at least some jogging. I’m not running today. Go away! There will be consequences! ,! Anna, bravo, awesome, great! ,! Congratulations! We’re going to the Olympics! You did it! We did it! I’ve brought a lot of laundry. And I’m not taking the shit anymore. But I do agree with you. On what? On that plan of yours. Anna, what’s wrong with you? You look tired. Mum, Tomas has emigrated. Jesus Christ. Stop. You can thank us for being in such a great shape. No, doctor Pavelka is justjoking. Anna can thank only herself. If you could see her during a training. She runs like a wind. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Now you must not rest on your laurels. Sure. Hi. Hi. Listen, she’s to take a double dose for a week. Then a pause and off we go to the Olympics. I wish you could come with us. Also, we must celebrate it some time. Ok, but only after the Olympics so we don’tjinx it. Thanks. Bye. Bye. Perhaps you’ll see him again. Perhaps. I’m not sure if I want to. Moravcova speaking. Hi, it’s Marek. Hi. Sorry, I need you to copy something for me. It’s urgent. I’m outside your house. Ok. I’m coming. Bye. I got cramps in my hand. Shall I help you?

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