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Homemade Beauty Adventure

Homemade Beauty Adventure


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Homemade Beauty Adventure Description

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You are an amazing man, Henry. Is very little. There is very little real man, of course. Skeletal system, muscles improved , Cardiovascular driven by an atomic battery curio . A good night’s sleep and could to power an aircraft carrier. Outstanding technology, do not you think? Starting Games You do not. My boys. I made the first revenge. But then I began to explore new aspects of myself. Can I have a drink? I have lived these last years, Henry. My boys, receive fines for excess speed, walk barefoot in the grass. And what they have lots of . You never guess what we do here alone. Press “play” there. Forward. BROADCAST PROGRESS What did you do? BROADCAST PROGRESS Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Something is wrong with you. Do not worry, not gonorrhea or anything. I just have to sit in this chair and have a look, shall we? The scanner says you’re in great danger. If stabbed for being a traitor, liar Informant! I’ll shut friend. Release the prototype baby. Now! Try to log off for good, Even when we knew transmitiste your video Akan. Right? What is this? What is that? Be what you are transmitting to Akan! Enough! Enough. Even if you believe, you still have to Games Henry, no! No! You brought my lab! I trusted you! Henry, kill me please. Akan will not. I will live in this straitjacket rotten and disgusting skin. What the hell were you thinking? What toy robot Akan was my friend? Thank you, Henry. you too, but mainly thanks. My lab is in danger, But I can build a new one using Akan equipment Games When we come together for your wife. agree? Put that on the wall. If I can not have my lab no one will. Now, do not miss this. you Akan. Do not change the channel. We are on the way. Well, I counted six vehicles. That’s at least men. We have to reduce by half before entering the hotel Games To give us the opportunity to fight and get out alive. There are also certain stigma, Associated subjects who likes music. I just want to leave now clear I’m a macho man. Understand? Here they come. Wait. Wait. Now. Well,

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