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Hollywood Fashion week Adventure

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  • Hollywood Fashion week Adventure

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    Hollywood Fashion week Adventure Description

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    Julieta you, that woman and I are finished. I am capable of everything. Even of coming to this horrid place, where Julieta should have never placed a foot in. What are you saying, Ignacio? If Julieta came here, who is to blame? You and no one else but you! You forced her to come with your abandon, and did you even stop her from coming back? It’s true, Octavio, but Games Don’t say it. Everything has opened my eyes tonight. Your arrival, Julieta’s presence in that house Games Now I realize, the joy I had in my hands, which I didn’t seize. Farewell. Ignacio. What? Forgive me, old pal. If I spoke you that way, it’s because I, too, can’t stand the idea of seeing Julieta here. Serene yourself, and promise me you won’t do anything stupid when you go out. No, don’t you worry. To commit suicide, you must have no love for yourself. And that kind of love, is the only one I haven’t lost. Farewell. Aluyembere Cau, Aluyembere Ca. Aluyembere Cau, Aluyembere Ca I’m looking at you, Leonor, Leonor, “e lo quem va” decir, You can go to sleep calmly, my general. I came to dance, and a little dance won’t do me wrong. Come here. Who are you looking at? No one. Forget your friend, please, let’s dance like we’re meant to. At least I pay generously You are right, he doesn’t pay. I’m going to the bathroom. Better leave, general Something will happen, and it could compromise you. You are right, but don’t forget, the workers meeting is tomorrow, and the election depends on that envelope. You only have a few hours left. Tell the girl, the change is for her. Good luck. What happened? Ignacio came very excited. That’s why he gave you the envelope the way he did. I asked him to do it. It’s gonna cost, Octavio. And I have to know now what I have to do. No! Not here. You are right. Wait for me here. GENTLEMEN Let’s use this door Force it! That door won’t budge, misters. The exit is this way. I am sorry, but we have to close. Thank you, Memo. Julieta. Yes, Octavio? Of course. The boys were sorry to have punched you, but there was no other choice.

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