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Holidays For Preparation 2

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  • Holidays For Preparation 2

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    Holidays For Preparation 2 Description

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    Holidays For Preparation 2 You’re a nurse at the hospital. That’s how we met. The poor man needed some help. This is not a crime. Maybe not. But around here, people still badmouth about it. Did Rosalie call you at the hospital on Thursday? She wasn’t in the habit of calling me for no reason. Here again, Surprenant? I thought your investigation was over. I still have a few details to take care of. Albéni told me you came snooping on le Cap Noir. Nice boat. I heard it costs over a million. He has the usufruct? He gives me my share of the catch. Have your been on your boat recently? No need to get there to know Albéni can steer it. You’re not very curious. Judging from this, Rosalie was more curious than you. But she wouldn’t have been as easy a boss as you. You’re mislead, Surprenant. You’ve got the culprit. Everybody knew Lapierre wasn’t normal, except for you. I’m just saying that Game Rosalie’s death is convenient. Let’s say Rosalie heard her drug came from le Cap Noir. She wanted a bigger share of the catch than her father. So Cormier and Thériault have a reason to get rid of her. As well as Evangéline Arsenou. She would inherit. But she’s a woman. Correct. Maybe she had an accomplice. You can kill for love, too. Flaherty. No, he would have found an alibi. Why can’t it just be a Gameual crime? I think someone wants to put the blame on Lapierre. Straight off the bat, everybody accused him. Here. Your list. You Game I just had some Cherry left. At least it’s sweet. You’re beautiful. What’s going on? Hello? Majella, sorry to call you so early, but the old guy who had a stroke was a Langford, right? It’s just because it’s you. Cornélius Langford. What was his job? He was retired, but he was the mechanics on le Cap Noir. Thanks. You’d better have a good explanation. He was murdered, that’s for sure. I’m listening. He was working on le Cap Noir, the boat of Rosalie’s dad. They collect drugs, it can’t be a coincidence. Sorry André, but I don’t follow. The mayor of Havre aux Maisons? Yes. Can you show me where you found the body? He was lying on his stomach, just here.

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