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Holiday Preparation Adventure

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  • Holiday Preparation Adventure

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    Holiday Preparation Adventure Description

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    the shy kid, come out. In here, in the vault. EJ: There were all of these little exchanges between us game because we’re the only two going through the same thing as each other. There he is. RIDDLER: Where’d you fly in from, Batman? And who’s the big guy? Your cable car trick didn’t work. Ha-ha-ha. But it did. In seconds I’ll be gone and you’ll two be trapped in here game in this bank vault forever. Twelve seconds, that’s not much time. Let’s get him. Don’t let him go out the secret back way. Close the gate. Shut the gate. Shut it all the way. – Wait! – Shut it. Behind bars already, Riddler? That’s got to be a record. Batkid! Riddle me this, Batkid! What flies underwater, sly as a ghost game wanting to snatch what this city loves most? – Ha-ha-ha! – What flies underwater? Let me out! No! There’s a call coming in from the police chief. Let’s take it on the ceiling. Dynamic Duo, I’m afraid your old nemesis the Riddler game Here we go. The calls sometimes don’t come through in the vault. Nicely done, Dynamic Duo. You’ve saved the city. I have to believe that you’ve worked up quite an appetite. Head on down to the Burger Bar and tell them: “Lunch is on the chief of police. Time for lunch! – Take him away, guys. – Batkid! How dare you?! Wipe that look off your face. You’ll be surprised. This is all part of the plan! MAN : Thank you, Batman. MAN : Batkid. MAN : Batkid, thank you. – You’re welcome! BATMAN: We did it. We caught the Riddler. [ALL SHOUTING] Who are you? – Batman. – I’m Batman. Handshake. – Done it again. – We’ve done it again. [ALL CHEERING] Put your arms up and cheer. Ready? Hi! – Are you having fun? – Yeah. – Yeah? – Yeah. I was so hungry in there. Oh, me too. I’m hungry too. The bank vault got us caught up on time, and then we had a leisurely lunch. I didn’t even try to go to Union Square. WOMAN: Oh, my God! [ALL CHEERING] All right, Batkid. Are we ready? – Put your hood up. Can’t see. – I can’t see. Okay, I’ll guide you. I promise. I’m gonna pick you up. Ready? [ALL CHEERING] All right. Let’s go! Let’s run.

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