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    let’s take that trombone part over once again and make it a little cleaner. BAND CONTINUES PLAYING Julio! Julio! SPEAKING IN SPANISH You can’t tell me where to put nothing! BAND MUSIC SHUTS OFF These are things which some merrymakers add to their costumes. I wonder if you’d care to make a choice? You have a great sense of humor, haven’t you? Which one would you suggest? I would suggest whatever you wear you will start out as this and end up as this. Really? How did you figure that out? Tonight it is the beautiful one’s party all the way. She has changed the decorations, she has changed the orchestra. It isn’t too much to think that she will change Game I warned you once. You didn’t seem to hear me. Now you’re through. Through? With what? The casino. Your job. You’re fired. You are mistaken. I will be here after you are gone, Mr. Peasant. You asked me one time what a great philosopher like me is doing in the washroom. Now I will tell you. Go on. Because to my department comes all the gossip, and that way Game KNOCK ON DOOR He’s not here. No one is here. You see Game We should have had that “private” sign on the stairway printed in German too. Or maybe you can’t speak Spanish. But I assure you, it does say “private. ” That’s right. We intend to see Mr. Mundson. He’s been avoiding us. Didn’t you hear? Mr. Mundson is allergic to messenger boys. The American Indian, as always walks into something that does not concern him. That’s an old American custom. Mr. Mundson is having an invited party tonight. You are uninvited. Tell the old man to go away. No, you go away. We intend to see Mr. Mundson. You said that before. I said Game Get him on the telephone, please. Why didn’t you say what you wanted? Mr. Mundson, this is Mr. Farrel. Some people wish to add these to their costumes. In my collection, I have two lovely heads of pigs, if you Game No sale, Uncle Pio. They’ll just use their own faces. Oh, Game ? There are a couple of nice kids here with German accents.

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