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Holiday And Beauty Time

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  • Holiday And Beauty Time

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    Holiday And Beauty Time Description

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    At least it’s Manhattan, right? Right. Oh, Hayward Jones Ill. Johnnie Blackwell. Johnnie Blackwell. It’s nice to meet you, Johnnie. [siren wailing in the distance] Hey, um Games why don’t come and meet the rest of my crew? Uh, that’s all right, man. Ah, come on! Krispy just made some ugly, alien octopus. You’ll like it. [hesitantly] Okay. All right. Yo, guys! Open your mind. Now, who is this guy? It’s Johnnie B. Lives upstairs. Calamari? And that’s a little Chipotle and Remulade. It’s for the dipping. These are my roommates. Krispy and Rik. Ah, is that you playing up there like Yo Yo Mama? Yo Yo plays the cello. You play the violin, right? Right. Oh, we know. We hear you playing all night long. Oh, when do you sleep? Would you all leave the dude alone? We’re the Switch Steps crew. You might have heard of us. Well, I haven’t been in the country for that long. [all booing] [British accent] Well, take a seat, Harry Potter. And we’ll give you a little preview. All right, guys. Now, relax. [upbeat music playing] [Krispy] You got this, Rik. Rik is our freestyle super freak. And that red head you seeing right there, that’s Jay. She’s harder than most of the guys. And that’s Ari. All right, Ari, let’s go. Oh, and Pop Tart, she’s a sweetheart. She’s our diva. And Krispy, he can cook, groove, and clean! And that’s my bro Tip-toe. And Jackson, Jackson can groove about everything. d [Krispy] Ah! [Rik] We blew a fuse. [Rik] Yeah! d [upbeat music playing] [Ruby] This is so cool! [Jazzy] Yeah! All the dancers hangout here. Hey, guys! Hey! This is Ruby. My new roommate. Hi! Nice to meet you. It’s her first year in MCA. Come on, let’s dance! Do you want to go? Yeah! [all howling] [screaming] [tempo rises] [hooting] [all howling] [girls hooting] [Ruby] Hurry! Coming! Come on. I can’t be late for my first day. Wait, this is the earliest I have ever left the apartment. [Jazzy] Ugh, I’m already exhausted! [Ruby] See, now we can relax. Much less stressful, don’t you think? Ugh, I’d rather live on the edge of tardiness. [Ruby] Oh, hey,

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