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Hipster Sister Care

Hipster Sister Care


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Hipster Sister Care Description

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Hipster Sister Care tell me about my father’s wife’s underthings. That’ll interest me. I really like your dad. This is no joke to me. All done. See you soon. You didn’t note that little Traoré was allergic to penicillin. Yes, I did. There. We usually put that here. Isn’t this more logical? Yeah, you’re right. Mr. Medhi Messaoui. Follow me, sir. Hi, Dad. I was just wondering, did I see you on a city bike yesterday? You took out a subscription? Sure, exercise is good for you but game Am I calling at a bad time? That’s great! She must be happy. What kind of job? We have to celebrate that. What if I stop by later with a bottle of champagne? I insist. It’ll be a pleasure. You shouldn’t have. Poor Tatiana’s been on the phone with Chisinau for an hour. Even with the marriage, it takes at least six months to be regularized. We have to file with the French Consulate in Moldova to get a renewable, oneyear residence card. Which is why she had to take this illegal job. What’s that TV set? I thought you hated TV. Me? No, not at all. I’ve always watched the news. And it helps Sorina improve her French. I have to wash my hands. Is anything wrong? I thought the marriage would solve everything. But nothing’s ever solved. I always need one more form. They always treat me like shit. I’m sick of being treated like this. Of course, I understand. But you’ll get your papers in the end. You have a roof over your head, a job. Sorina’s in a good school. Yeah, things are great in your dad’s home. Lucien’s very nice. Since he’s old, I didn’t think there’d be trouble. But with men there’s always trouble. No big deal, I’m used to it. Trouble? You know what I mean. That’s how men are. What can you do? I’m not complaining! Sorina’s great here. There’s no problem. What are you two up to? I opened the champagne. Champagne! Real champagne! That’s Roederer! It’s a cocktail. It’s delicious. Taste it. You’re right, it’s not bad. It’s good. Too bad I’m just a chambermaid. It’s just a start. It’s temporary. Everything’s temporary. When Sorina’s Prime Minister, we’ll drink champagne every day.

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