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Hidden Beauty secrets

Hidden Beauty secrets


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Hidden Beauty secrets Description

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Hidden Beauty secrets Brother! I said stop! Leave me alone! Brother! Who killed my brother? Manzhu, dear, how all this happen? The man who killed my brother will lose your hands! Brother! First, let me congratulate Game on behalf of all lawyers in the city. This is your first day as a judge. Process begins. Accused has a younger brother named Raja. It gives education and after completing their education Raja married the daughter of Mr. Verma Manzhu and live with them. Days go by. Suddenly, the night of January Game Raja is bout memzhdu and Mr. Verma. Mr Verma and Raja grieved kick it out of his house. Defendant went into the house of Mr Verma, to speak in the interest of his brother. Mr Verma was already angry. The accused was also angry. Two of them had a conflict. Therefore, defendant has killed Mr Verma. Mr. lawyer, touching the Holy Gita times a day Game getting people to swear, that will speak the truth Game himself you speak lies? The accused will be given to him Able to speak. It should not break your ways Having spoken to the end. I want to present several witnesses. You may continue. My first witness is Mr. Ramnat. Will tell the truth, and nothing else but the truth. How long have you know Mr Verma? years. I’m a manager Transport komppaniya Verma. Is it true that between Raja and Mr Verma is there any tension? Da. Nemarlivostta of Raja and wasteful spending.. detrimental to the business of Mr Verma. Company Mr. Verma received a bad reputation. Then? Then Game conflict erupted between the two the night of Game and Mr Verma asked Raja to leave the house. Then zetya who lived bylaws.. left the house, he lost the house and wealth too.. Raja left the house. I tried to convince Mr. Verma. Raja wanted to ask Mr. Verma for forgiveness. That night Raja looked everywhere. Finally, I realized that Raja is went to his older brother. There is a shop in their colony. Telephoned there to talk to Raja. But instead Raja came his older brother. He said he would come. He said he would agree with Mr. Verma personally. He lied!

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