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Hawaii summer days

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  • Hawaii summer days

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    I don’t know what I’d do if he didn’t. Oh, God. Don’t be grateful for that. You know what you do if a husband walks out on you? Lock the door. I wouldn’t take relationship advice from her. Oh, shut up. Uh-uh-uh. I look at Jocelyn, and I know we at least did one thing right. Mmm. Count your blessings, Beth. Not all of ’em turn out that good. Hey, Mrs. H. Hey, y’all. Oh, my goodness. Your uniforms are so cute. You know, it was real smart of y’all to get T-shirts that cover the back of your arms. Watch your mouth, Millie Rash. I mean, they all probably wanna cover up as much as they can Game just to make sure one of their teammates doesn’t check them out. Whoo! Look at the time. I have gotta go let the dogs out. My roommate’s still at work. So I’ll see y’all later. Bye, Ginger. Bye, Ginger. Take care, Ginger. By the way, have y’all met her roommate Jewel? I’ve never once laid eyes on her. It’s kinda like she’s embarrassed by her or somethin’. Maybe she’s got a wonky eye. Come on, y’all. It’s obvious. We haven’t met her because Ginger’s not ready to come out. I mean, Burning Bush isn’t exactly Brokeback Mountain. GamesExecute a full fake Game Game Gamesand take one hard dribble in the opposite direction.Game That supposed to be a jab step, pump fake? I didn’t hear you come in. Give me the Butterball. I’ll show you. See, the trick is in your waist, not your feet. Yeah. Works best when a player’s made a bunch of points from a particular spot on the court. Defense won’t be expecting the fake. I don’t think we should be discussing the game. Coach says that I’m supposed to look at y’all like the enemy. Oh, okay. Well, I guess the enemy doesn’t need to help with dinner. Hmm. Is that rap music you’re listening to? It’s vintage Salt-N-Pepa. It’s not rap rap. Oh, my God! Well, what’s it look like out there? I have seen more people in a minivan. Tito’s not even here. And he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Well, what’s it look like in the bettin’ pool?

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