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Nice to meet you. I’m Edith. Hi. Oh, my God. Game You know this? Game What? No. What is it? “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. ” I haven’t seen this in years. English, please. “Umbrellas of Cherbourg. ” Oh. What’s it about? It’s about young love. Who’s the woman? That’s a Game year Game old Catherine Deneuve. Game . Game Yeah? Game What’s her name? Wow. Geneviève. Geneviève, right. And she falls in love with Games Guy. Guy. Guy. They’re so beautiful. How does it end? That’s cheating, George. And, you know, French films are always complicated, aren’t they? Oh, always. I got a call from the hospital. I gotta take this. I’m sorry. Nice meeting you. Bye. Congratulations to the Middleton public safety officers Kleiman and Tallis for the successful recovery of two bicycles stolen earlier today by what are believed to be musical bandits. And to all you aspiring Otters out there, today will be the last school Game sanctioned Fountain Friday of the year, so feel free to get weird and get wet. This Sugarwolf song is dedicated to my fifth Game grade teacher Owen Perlmutter. It’s called “Bad Name. ” Take a seat. Does your watch say 😕 Because my watch broke years ago, but I know you are late. Sorry. I just wanted to Games don’t be late. Silence is death. Game I Games Game Uh, uh, if it doesn’t involve you and a coed, I don’t want to hear about it. What’s your name? Conrad. Conrad. That’s great. We’ll change it. Boneyard Sims. Welcome to radio, my brother. Okay, here’s how we rock. I’ve got to be there for Larry. Who’s Larry? George’s patient. Game Where’s the nearest computer? Game Oh, that would be mine. Game Come on. Well, what about the movie? I know how it ends. Hi. I have an appointment with Dr. Emerson. Audrey Martin? Yes. I heard he refuses to sponsor freshmen or sophomores for independent study. Is it true? You’ll need to talk to Dr. Emerson about that. Is it true he works “The Times” Sunday crossword puzzle in under an hour? In pen. Do you know if he ever got my letters? All six of them.

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