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Happy Winx Style 4

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  • Happy Winx Style 4

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    I’m a game LAUGHTER Was that you? Was that you? Yeah. Pretty good, actually. Come on, more. No, don’t know the words. That was game Oh, God, that’s not good for your back. LAUGHTER AUDIENCE MEMBER SCREAMS LAUGHTER Are you ready for this? It’s Team Ricky! CHEERING I still get jealous game I love Efe. I think he’s absolutely fantastic. I didn’t have game My blind audition was full of adrenaline. I wanted it so bad. It was my last note that Ricky turned. CHEERING So, Jolan has been on the show before. Couldn’t stop if you tried it game I was on series three, two years ago. When the chairs didn’t turn, I was really, really gutted. Since I was here last, a lot’s changed in my life. Sadly, my mum has passed away. Another thing that’s pushed me on to come back is that I need to do this, and it’s going to be for her. CHEERING This time, I just want to do the best I can and mainly, I want to make my mum proud. Jolan and Efe are singing Beat Surrender by the Jam. I’ve given them this song because it’s a soul song and they will smash the flipping heck out of it. To the beat surrender Feel there’s n-no passion game Don’t know that bit. ‘Efe’s got a lot of edge on Jolan, confidence-wise.’ Sure about Are sorted out at once game I’m pretty shy and keep myself to myself day to day, so I need to work on that. Come on, boy, come on, girl game In my everyday life, being a salesperson, you have to have some confidence. To the beat surrender game Great. I love it. Put all that energy into it. Confidence is going to make this go through the roof. I think the winner of this battle will be in the final three. Get rehearsing. See you in the ring, Jolan! See you later, lads. See you. It’s pretty nerve-racking. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Let the battle commence. BOTH: Beat surrender Come on, boy Come on, girl Succumb to the beat surrender Come on, boy Come on, girl Succumb to the beat surrender All the things that we talk about Are packed into one punch All the things that I’m not sure about Are sorted out at once And

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