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Happy New Year

Happy New Year


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Happy New Year Description

Tell me, UfoK, what’s it like at the construction site? Well Dress Up Games You dig holes, I dig tracks! I spend time filling sacks with sand. You know, with a spade. Yeah. It’s hard work Dress Up Games But the worst thing is the discussions of the Dress Up Games . What discussions? All they talk about is chicks, dough and pachinko. But since Japanese chicks don’t want them, they pretend to be foreigners Dress Up Games Foreigners! And then, with their money, they have to chase girls! They’re all wrecks, disgrace for Japan! I like blonde foreign girls. And Filipinos? Filipinos, pfff Dress Up Games No, thank you. The other day in a bar, there were two who wanted me. They were hot chicks! Dress Up Games These Dress Up Games have nothing else to do. Whose number is it? Who is it? Is it you, Mahiru? Listen, Mahiru! It’s been a while. How are you? Fine. You know Happy New Year Dress Up Games When you got busted, when the store owner caught you Dress Up Games Happy New Year You left without warning. You never made me pay Dress Up Games Listen, Amanotty Dress Up Games I don’t like this nickname. What? Now I’m UfoK, I make rap. Oh sorry. Not at all. You’re doing fine. You’re in the Dress Up Games Village crew, right? How do you know that? All of my friends know it. No kidding? Seriously! You’re famous! Happy New Year Am I? Yes. I’m famous! That’s why I called you. I want to ask you something. As I told you on the phone, now I run this. I know. Capoeira? Exactly! I’ve practiced tekken for a while. Tekken? It’s a martial art of Dress Up Games origin. African slaves, behind their masters’ backs Dress Up Games Are you listening? Yeah. Behind their masters’ backs they created this. The movements resemble those of a dance. Because of handcuffs, they mostly used their legs. Awesome! Happy New Year Exactly! Hiphop also originated from the Black Power. So I’m organizing an event to share all this. Cool! You’ve changed. You’re so optimistic! Definitely. And I know that one day we’ll have Peace and Love.Happy New Year Emika! Good job. Peace! Give me a high

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