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Happy New Year Adventure

Happy New Year Adventure


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Happy New Year Adventure Description

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After some sharpening, it can chop monsters easily. Grandma, how do you sharpen it? You use some kind of blood but Games Anyway. You see, that guy over there Games Fine. Fine. Grandma, you stay put Wait for me here! See you later, Grandma! This fire beetle, is an expert in opening the skulls Games of monsters. drinking the blood of this little monster Games will bring amazing results. Miss Huo! Who dares to make trouble here? Darling, let’s go. You two leave first. I can’t Games Leave. You can’t help me here. Darling. I thought you’re someone more powerful. But you’re just a mediocre level-two monster hunter. Hold on! Another one? Level ten! What does that mean? Level ten is the top level of monster hunters. All these years. only three persons have reached that level. Excuse me, may I have your name? My husband Games is the Head of former Monster Hunt Bureau, Song Zhenjiang. My son Games is palace swordsman Song Dajtian. My grandson Tianyin is Games nobody. You let my granddaughter-in-law down first. Didn’t you say you’re a level ten? Why don’t you save her yourself? Fine! Weng ba ya! The coins are not yours! Who says they aren’t mine? My husband had six, my son had five. All together I have ten. Six plus five is eleven! It’s ten! Song Tianyin, if you hand in the little monster, I’ll release them. If you don’t show up, I’ll kill your grandma first Games and then your wife. Can you Games can you switch the order? Wife first Games and then grandma? Good idea. Five, Four, Three. Two, One. Hold on! It’s too late. Grandma or wife, either one must die. You choose. I’ve chosen! No more tricks? Lord Ge is Games a monster? He has so many layers of skin. No wonder we couldn’t tell he’s a monster! I put on the skin to disguise as human in order to get rid of the surviving supporters of the old Monster King in the human world. Now you’ve forced me to reveal myself. You all have to die! Grandma! Granddaughter-in-law, Your father-in-law left you this sword! Best for chopping vegetables. Tianyin! Tianyin! Tianyin Song Tianyin,

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