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Happy Fairy

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  • Happy Fairy

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    Happy Fairy Description

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    yelps grunts WHAT? ARE YOU GAY? shrieks screaming GET OFF OF ME,dress up gameER Dress Up Games Happy Fairy screaming growling screaming torch hissing snarling and smackingdress up gameING JUNKIES. THIS IS DISGUSTING. ENOUGH. STOP. yips pounding snarling and smacking ENOUGH Dress Up Games gunshot I HAVE DYNAMITE. I’M COMING OUT. BLOCK HER EXIT. BLOCK HER EXIT. panting HEY. GET BACK. THERE’S BEEN A MISTAKE. I APOLOGIZE. I KNOW THIS LOOKS BAD. I’M JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU. GET BACK. YOU HAVE A SHORT FUSE. YOU’LL LIKE BENNY. ALL RIGHT, LITTLE GIRL. MOVE OUT OF HER WAY, JUNKIES. GO ON. GO. GO ON. chuckles ANDALE Dress Up Games whimpers gate clattering YUM, YUM, YUM Dress Up Games YOU’RE MINE, KID Dress Up Games all laughing and whooping TRICKY, TRICKY, TRICKY, TRICKY, TRICKY Dress Up Games elevator rumbling and squealing sobbing STAY PUT. YEAH. COME ON Dress Up Games snarling and panting gate clattering yelling screams whimpering NO Dress Up Games panting shrieks NOT YET. whimpering engine rumbling aggressive rock music HELP Dress Up Games HELP Dress Up Games HELP ME Dress Up Games ISN’T THAT THAT GIRL? HELP Dress Up Games HELP Dress Up Games THAT’S HER. I LOOKED RIGHT AT HER. YOU SAW HER. Happy Fairy DO NOTdress up game WITH THOSE PEOPLE, PERIOD. YOU KNOW DAMN WELL. THEY KILLED MY BROTHER Dress Up Games DAMN IT, MAN. SHE CALLED . YOU KNOW WHAT THEY’RE GONNA DO TO HER. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKIN’ AT? LISTEN HERE. I GOT A WIFE, AN EXWIFE, AND TWOdress up gameIN’ KIDS. WE’RE GONNA TAKE THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD. PLEASE HELP ME Dress Up Games PLEASE Dress Up Games I SAW YOU Dress Up Games I SAW YOU Dress Up Games PLEASE HELP ME. MESSAGE RECEIVED? I GET IT. police radio chatter PLEASE Dress Up Games I DON’T LIKE IT. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. I SAW YOU Dress Up Games Happy Fairy whimpering LET’S GO. THAT’S THE WAY IT IS. engine rumbling COME ON, LITTLE BUDDY. AH, MAXIE, YOU’RE SO GOOD. engine rumbling STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP. WHAT? whimpering AH, AH, AH. YEAH, IT’S GONNA GET COLD OUTSIDE.

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