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Happy Cute Baby Hair

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  • Happy Cute Baby Hair

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    It feels so different from then. It does. Right. It looks like a real couple having a meal. This feels like a real date. Somehow, I feel very self-conscious. To the two celebrities, a normal date is still awkward. I can’t look around. Me, neither. Did the writer really not come today? I can’t believe it. No writers and no producers? Nobody went. Maybe they want us to date like this from now on. Maybe they’re trying for the last time. He’s got us. They’re showing us what a real date is. The staff planned this for them to date like this. They planned all this. Do you want some more water? No. Are you all right? I’m so bad at make-up. This is so realistic. I didn’t know they’d show this. This is how real couples go on dates. This is how real couples are. Aren’t they all like this? They fix their make-up in front of their boyfriends. Really? Yes. This is a very natural situation. Right now is one of the top five most beautiful moments game I’ve ever seen of you. When it comes to looking beautiful. When I’m fixing my make-up in the crowd? You look so pretty. Honey, can you pass me that? This one? Do you see a brush? Did he just take it out for her? Take it out for me, please. Can I put this here? Focused on her make-up, she pays no attention to him. You really look great now. I promise. You look so real. This is something real people would do. He’s so excited to have a normal date. I know it’s funny, but I’m in a hurry. I’m the one who’s funny. It’s funny that I have the cosmetic tools in my hands. I’m cleaning this and game That’s right. It looks so natural. It’s funny that I’m taking care of the tools. Oh gosh. You shouldn’t make me laugh now. Can I put on your lip balm? Of course. Go ahead. My precious lips need some moisture. Thank you. They look like a real couple. They have four hours left until the end of their virtual marriage. They are excited. After looking around here, let’s go buy the couple stuff. They visit an accessory shop after their meal. They are busy looking around just like other real couples.

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