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Happiness Is Out Of Fashion

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  • Happiness Is Out Of Fashion

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    Why ask? Did a lot of oaspeşi and tepşi? No. But winter storm can last few days and I thought that Game that would be convenient for you Game an apartment Game By tomorrow, the storm will pass. Trust me. Let you bring a tea room? No, no, no tea! Please only a carafe of water with gheaşã .. Immediately. Boy. Must be somewhere. Kai! Are you going to stay there until the vieşii end? Its like mirrors? Scuzaşi me? I thought to see if you are careful or not. But I do not know, right? What are you doing? I just wanted to ignite fire. It is very cold. You think me cold? Am I cold? Not cool. I’m not cold at all. You eyes frumoos and I. .. It’s the first thing that caught my attention. Casi years? . I think they need me down Game A month ago Game Game It was a terrible storm, As with today. A blizzard. You know someone Game ? How can I say? What was affected by this? Someone who has changed? Înşeleg not what you mean. For example. Have you seen Game Game as of late are a cruel and selfish person? You know why? No. Because you want something from me. He wants you more than anything. And Think about it. While we do not know what it is. I’ll be at the lake tonight. Why not come to see me? I can not. Oh! What a pity! I will stay only one night. I love winter, do you? Kai. Come here. We have something for you. It’s going to get me felicişi and my birthday? I’m sorry, Gerda. Yes, in many years. Mulşumesc. I’m sorry for my behavior. Forgive me, Gerda. I was Game Game ill. So it is ill. Will you come tonight to my party? Do not disappoint me are. Dad did not want to ask you for your behavior. I’ll be there, I promise. No I will never forgive you if you do not come. I mean, Kai. I promise. Wow! Have you seen this? “I know you” “You know you want to live” Look at this. Surely scamper. It’s amazing! Yes! Let’s go. I wanted to see me yet my new dress. What do you think? Are not you ready? Why did strips from you? Gerda. Possible to keep them for me until tomorrow? Why? Please. I’ll be waiting below in five minutes.

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