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Hannah Montana Makeup Adventure

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  • Hannah Montana Makeup Adventure

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    Hannah Montana Makeup Adventure Description

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    At ease, Soldier. No, no, no, not at ease. It’s war time. Right, right, right. Yeah. I, uh games Attention. Attention. Frank, we need your help, okay? This is going to sound insane, but the entire office has been turned into games Vampires. Affirmative, sir. What? What, you know? Oh! Did I not mention that Frank was there? No, Tim. God damn it. No, you didn’t. Sorry, my bad. We hang out a lot actually. By the way, how amazing was that Kelly Clarkson concert last night? American Idol? More like American Treasure. Her voice literally sings. It does sing. Her singing sings. Oh, how did you get home? I blacked out. This is not what we’re here to talk about. We need to get upstairs, Frank, we need your help. We need to get Amanda and we need to get the hell out of games No, no, no, we can’t just go up there. The place is a den of the undead right now. We need to arm ourselves. We need weapons and shit. I was waiting for you to say that. I’ve got just the thing. Weapons! Okay, okay. When she came after that second encore, I was like, “whaaat!” Almost fainted. What kills vampires? Stakes. Yeah. Anything wooden you can jam into their heart. Or a sharp blade. Decapitations work too. Did you think this was my first vampire? I’m a licensed security guard. You don’t get this patch without dusting a few puncture monkeys. I looked some stuff up on Wikipedia. Oh. All right, what else? Holy water, garlic? Ooh, I make a really good -clove chicken. But we probably don’t have time for that right now, guys. Sunlight. That burns them up. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Does it? Because, I mean, it’s daytime right now and they don’t seem to be too bothered by it. Correct, but that’s because this facility has a limited number of windows to minimize visual distractions and maximize climate control and security. You’re telling me sunlight does kill vampires, but we get so little of it in this fluorescent shithole, that they’re just fine? Good god, that’s depressing. Yes, sir, it is. Sir, I swear to god there was an arsenal of immense proportions in this

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