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Hand care Time

Hand care Time


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Hand care Time Description

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If sane people live in floors buildings Radio if they get killed in car crashes, have heart attacks at Radio Then I’m mad. Three times mad. You are, a bit. So? Did you win? Instead of , and it came out , and . That’s for listening to the Friar. You’ve been dreaming him for years, and his numbers never came up. lire wasted! Next Saturday we’ll just spend it. And forget the Friar! You always say that, and instead Radio Well! Number was right! I missed only two numbers. But this time he was close. Yes, right, he was close! Come on, let’s go! Number was correct. It hadn’t come out in over ten years. There he is! The water boiler Radio He’s so stubborn. Look what a prince must do Radio He pretended it was too difficult! It took me just minutes to fix it. As if you needed a degree to tighten up some screws. What are you doing? Idiot! What are you doing? Careful! Poor don Annibale Radio He didn’t want don Antonio to do it. How could he fix the water boiler all by himself? Did he get burned? No, he was lying on the floor. He looked fine. As if he had fainted. Who could have thought? This is how I found him when I got home. What did the doctor say? The heart. It’s my fault, my fault. It’s nobody’s fault, it was just an accident. I should have come to fix the water boiler Radio We always quarrelled, but it was just banter. He used to say: When I die, bring me some coffee and I’ll come back to life like Lazarus. Why do people cry when one is dying? I don’t get it. They believe only in life, and think they’re better than us. Just like me. Him with the water boiler, and me with the firecracker. I’m happy, I left him when he was five. Look, he saw you. He recognized you. Poldino Radio Annibale! Before he died he said: Poldino. I’m here! Obey to your queen Radio if not I’ll put you all in the sewers like rats. Only one was a decent man. He wasn’t disgusting as you are. And now that he’s gone I can’t trust anyone. Hear the drums of the royal guards! I’m the queen! I’m coming. Eh, filthy pigs, cowards, nobodies!

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