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Hair Mask For

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    Refika calm down. The tree. Games There is nothing. Games What tree? Games The wishing tree. Games Who? Games At the wishing tree. Games Is it ? , ready the car. Games Games Be careful I don’t die If I die a thousand times Game Game I come back a thousand times This body Game will find me. Don’t Quickly It’s because of me Okay. Okay. Faruk hodja, you’re not coming. Don’t. Games Close the door Games Doctorwhat are you doing? Don’t doctorme. This is all yourfault, shut the door. calm down. I don’t know what happened. You’re a fraud I told you we should take herto the hospital. Shut the door Something’s wrong, this shouldn’t have happened. Shut it Fraud is fine. She’s in the hospital. Which hospital? Fatma And yet you’re still not ashamed to keep filming? Recording will continue until the matteris resolved. Games ‘s father Game Games Harun? Do you know why he died? Why? was born Game a small baby. We called my brother he came. He started choking her with his two hands Game Game saying ‘the child of , the child of ‘. I pushed him. And he fell. There were black foams coming out of his mouth. His eyes grew big. His tongue swelled up. My brother Game he died in front of my eyes hodja. I always asked myself. Always wished I hadn’t saved . I don’t know. Before he died Game he said. Sare Game Sare. That was the name of the jinn. How did my brother by this big mansion? He was a poor villager. He bought lands, mansions. He nevertold me. Fatma Game Tell me someone who can talk about Kıbledere. İlyas. İlyas Aloğlu. He is the only villager that lives in Kıbledere. What did you do Bilal Duran? Who did you hurt? . . What are you? Hidayet hello. This numberalways comes up in this story. . Do you know what it means? Hold on a second. In the ‘s there was a half Christian half Muslim sect. I think I saw this number in pictures in their books but I’m not sure. How can I see those pictures? It’s a matterof life or death.

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