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Guitarist girl

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    What are you talking about? During the play-offs against Jasper, the fans called me “Jumpin’ Jigaboo” throughout the entire game. Well, most of those folks wouldn’t know shit from Shinola. And I bet none of them are running for mayor now. I just wanted to let you know we’re practicing again tomorrow, :. I’ll think about it. Yippee! Ha-cha! Ha! Ha! Oh, honey, nobody wants to see your do-si-do. Bless her heart. Hi. Remember me? I couldn’t help but overhear. If you need a team manager, I’m here to help. All right, y’all. Let’s start practice. – Here you go. – Oh, thank you. Hey, y’all. Sorry I’m late. Whoo! Whoo. What the hell is that? It’s chocolate cheesecake, so we don’t all get low blood sugar. That’s not your, uh, special cannabis chocolate cheesecake, is it? No. It’s just regular old chocolate cheesecake. It’s fit for a Baptist. Ginger! Whoo! Hey! Whoop. Hey! Ha-ha! Our fifth player is here. I’m not here to play. I’m here to talk you out of this harebrained idea. Look, we’re all smart women. I’m sure we can think of another way to raise money. How ’bout a bake sale, or one of those silent auctions? Take off those ridiculous shoes and get out here with us. You’re not here to play, huh, Florine? You could’ve phoned in your half-baked sale idea. Well, if you’re not gonna play, I can call Charlotte Smoot. I think she may be runnin’ for mayor this year. Charlotte Smoot. You gotta be kiddin’ me. I could run circles around Charlotte Smoot on the court. Bless her heart. Oh, yeah? Whoa! Ho-ho! – Yeah! – You still got it! Ha-ha! Ladies, I believe we have our startin’ lineup. Whoo! What are we gonna call our team? Oh, man. I never even thought of a name. Hey. Can you throw me a towel? Whoo! Got a warm front rollin’ in, Roxie? – Uh-huh. – Your own personal tropical splendor? Hey. That’s it. That’s the name of our team. Tropical Splendor? The Hot Flashes. Personally, I have never experienced a hot flash. – You’re such a liar!

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