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Graduation Night Adventure

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  • Graduation Night Adventure

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    Graduation Night Adventure Description

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    You can’t take dreams in a suitcase. Dreams are in your head. I knew you was never understanding! I is not telling you any more. Oh, please! I is not saying anything more to you until you is dressed. gasps You just made that for me? Huh! It’s nothing very much. You can try it on if you want. I’ve never had a new dress before! I’ve always wanted one. And a nice place to live, like yours. yawns It’s time you is having winks. I’m not tired Games yawns chuckles Can I have a drink of water, please? There is no water for drinking. There’s only frobscottle. Oh. I suppose it’s slimy and sickable like the snozzcumber? That is where you is wrong. Frobscottle is sweet and peachy! It is warming the muscles of your heart! Sophie Cockles. Ah Games Here is frobscottle. Is you ever seeing such delumptious fizz? laughs Look. It’s fizzing the wrong way. The bubbles are going down instead of up. BFG Of course bubbles is not going up. They do where I come from. BFG Bubbles going up is a flushbunking disastrophe! Why? BFG giggles If bubbles is fizzing upwards, they would be coming out in a foulsome belchy burp. Yes. That’s alright, isn’t it? Alright? It’s catastorous! Oh, ooh Games Giants is never doing it. But if bubbles are going down, they might Games they might come out somewhere else. Yes! You is exunckly right. That would make a much worse noise, wouldn’t it? A whizzpopper! What? A whizzpopper! It’s a sign of happiness! It is jollifying music! It’s not. It’s very rude. groans You human beans is making whizzpoppers, isn’t you? Well, yes, but Games Of course you is! Everybody is! ♪ When you drinks a bottle of fabulous frobscottle ♪ Bubbles and giggles is part of the plan ♪ It’s yummy and clummy and jiggles your tummy ♪ And soon you is off with a whizzpoppy bang ♪ As certain as eggses is eggses ♪ A couple of kegses of frobscottle makes you feel grand ♪ The chuckling and gurgling it seems so absurd ♪ Why people don’t whizzpop all over the land Now, taste it. It’s Games It’s fantastic! It’s only the beginning. giggles Here comes Games

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