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Graduation Night 4

Graduation Night 4


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Graduation Night 4 Description

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Graduation Night 4 There! I’m very sorry, but I can’t! To play this instrument I need to be sitting down Thank you, goodbye Wait! Here, sit on me This is ridiculous If they leave, we’re dead Play already! No play like that! We puke Thank you, goodbye Hold it! I’ll play Hand it over You play or we leave Here. Be careful with it Don’t touch it! It’s tuned I’m tuning it guitarlike We not want guitar. We want fiddle. You play with stick And sit To play this instrument you need to be sitting down Vladimir Look, you sat on me You play or we leave Wait. We turn volume up. Koo And sing! One, two, three Mama, mama, what are we to do? This we like a lot This we no puke OK, grandma, you go: oompa, oompa, oomph You, pops, you only go: dun. Bring it on! Stop. Faster please Why he no sing? He’ll go “oooh” in between Spare me please And porridge eat you want? “Do you want to eat?” Mind your grammar please We talk, you mind grammar. Then you be of any use Do “koo” now, or the ecilop tranklucate us! A hologram? That’s Pezhe Who’s Pezhe? He great! I so love Pezhe! Me too We praise skies all the time that he let us on Pluke Was it even worse on your planet? Air No air? Air yes, but not everyone breathe What do you mean? If you have money you breathe And if you have no money? Then you blow up your balloon Quick! Get in cage. Patsaks must sing in cage A nightingale doesn’t sing in a cage, grandma Let’s get in, if that’s the rule One, two, three Game You, nightingale, do it the right way: sit on the fiddler How do you know what’s the right way? thought it look nice Some aesthete Game One, two, three Game Hey, Patsak! Stop making faces at me! Don’t you like Chatlanians? Smile, smile yourself! Stretch lips to ears Like this Are you baring your teeth at me? A Patsak’s smile must be joyful and sincere Listen here, pops. Either you shut up and we play, or goodbye! Our goose is getting cold What? A misfire Hold on. You just wait! Must leave now Here hill. Need to push cart One, two, and push! Goodbye Patsaks! You think you can run away from me? Nightingales! Let’s get out of here Switch off your phone Wait a second Hello?

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